A Curated Selection of Data Visualization Charts and Infographics: The Information Is Beautiful Awards

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Robin Good: David McCandlees, the author of the book Information is Beautiful celebrates great data visualization and information design work through the Information is Beautiful Awards.

Together with a jury of experts like Brian Eno, Paola Antonelli, Maria Popova, Simon Rogers and Aziz Kami, he has curated a unique selection of 300 designs and a short list of finalists in the following categories:


» Data visualization– A singular visualisation of data or information.» Infographic – Using multiple data visualisations in service to a theme or story


» Interactive visualization – Any viz where you can dynamically filter or explore the data.


» Data journalism – A combination of text and visualizations in a journalistic format.


» Motion infographic – Moving and animated visualizations along a theme or story.


» Tool or website – Online tools & apps to aid datavizzing.


The selection itself is worth a tour of the site and of this initiative.


Check: http://www.informationisbeautifulawards.com/


Longlist selection: http://www.informationisbeautifulawards.com/2012/07/our-longlist/


Shortlist selection: http://www.informationisbeautifulawards.com/2012/08/awardshortlist/



See on www.informationisbeautifulawards.com


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