Capture, Create and Collect: Curate Your Passions into Visual Collections with Kullect

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Robin Good: Kullect is a mobile publishing tool that allows you to capture, organize and share “collections” about things that interest and inspire you.


Kullect is also an interest-based social network which allows you to discover and connect with people who have your same interests or in partcular with those who are nearby.


From Xconomy: “Open up any of today’s top mobile media-sharing networks on your smartphone—like Instagram or Picplz for photos, Klip for videos, or Path for group sharing—and what you see is a random stream of disconnected items, stretching infinitely from today into last week, last month, and last year.


Each individual item in a stream may represent somebody’s special moment or act of curation, but there are no mechanisms within these platforms for ordering things or imposing a theme.


No pattern emerges. It’s just one damn thing after another.


Which is a little too much like real life, if you ask me. What’s missing is a sense of context.


I’d get a lot more out these apps if I understood why people share the things they do, or how they fit into a larger story.


That’s the whole point of Kullect.


As the name suggests, the app is all about building collections [which are like] extended, multimedia blog posts.



You can have as many collections as you want, and a collection can have any theme you want—I’ve seen Kullect users posting pictures from trips they’re taking, lists of their favorite bars or clubs, and varieties of roses in their gardens.


But whatever the theme, a collection amounts to a kind of story about what you’re doing or what you’re passionate about.”




Check out this introductory 2min video:






More info: 



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