Publish Your Magazine To The Apple Newsstand and To All Tablets and Phone Devices

Via Scoop.itMobile Learning & Information Literacy

Robin Good: TapEdition is a new service which allows physical, print magazine publishers to create highly-visual and interactive edition of their publication, accessible by all types of computers, tablets and mobile devices.


Adding interactive features to your publication is as easy as defining the “hotspots” and then uploading the content.


Key features include:

Embeddedable Video & Audio Photo Gallery Show. Choose between scroll view, overlay view, grid view or a list view photo gallery. RSS feeds integration. Text content integration. Tap-to-call and Tap-to-email functionalities. Publish directly to the Apple Newsstand Charge for subscriptions  Display your own advertising  Final output as Apple Newsstand App and also as an HTML5 app

All features: 


A free edition allows you to publish one magazine issue per year at no cost whatsoever. A $29/mo plan allows 12 issues per year and the $299/mo up to 52/year. 


Pricing info: 


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