Managing Information Overload: 5 Reasons a Content Curator Can Help | Darwin Ecosystem

Via Scoop.itMobile Learning & Information Literacy

Much has been written about the need for better managing information overload on the Web. This need largely is occurring because of the rise in user-generated content.   Here are five reasons a Chief Content Officer can help with managing information overload and content awareness.   1. Managing Information Overload is More than Managing Big Data: The latest IDC report ( adds that IT execs will likely have trouble finding enough people with the skills and experience to manage this increase in both content and data. I used these two terms because information overload is really about both content and data…   2. Internal and External Content Needs to be Aligned: To make the issue more complex, the rise of content within the enterprise brings the need for better managing of information closer to home. In most organizations, the management for external content and internal content is not coordinated…   3. Few Organizations Are Aware of the Need for Content Alignment: “Few organizations have an overarching strategy that channels all this branded content into a consolidated planning model. In parallel, we see lack of defined leadership for overall orchestration and accountability for content-driven programs.”…   4. Content is a Cross-disciplinary Challenge: I have already stated that managing content is more than an IT issue. It also goes across many departments within an enterprise…   5. Effective Use of Content is a Major New Competitive Battleground: With the rise of the Web, content is pervasive and effective use of content is becoming a major competitive edge. This includes: content awareness as to what is happening on the Web that can impact your company, effective distribution of the insights from this awareness to the right people throughout the organization…   Curated by Giuseppe Mauriello [read full article]

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